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4:39 p.m. - 2005-04-19
make my hands stop shaking
My stomach is in knots, I feel like I could possibly throw up, my heart is racing (and for once I actually know the reason why). I HATE feeling this way. Once again there's family drama surrounding me. My grandparents are scheming again and I'm just sick to death of their games. All last week every time I showed up to pick up Sierra they weren't home. (they watch her after school while I'm at work) It's not like they didn't know I was going to pick her up or anything either. They do this alot .. deliberately keep me from my daughter. I was pissed beyond belief about it Friday though cause they actually went 45 minutes away with her. They didn't ask me permission to take her out to Seagoville, the only reason I even found out was cause I called to ask Sierra if she wanted to go to the movies and she said "oh, we're going to Seagoville right now" This was at 4pm and I was getting off at 5. My grandmother rudely gets on the phone before I said bye to Sierra and says "what's your problem now".
Me: You took off with my daughter knowing I was coming to get her in an hour without asking me.
Her: What's your attitude about
Me: I'm beyong having an attitude I'm flat out pissed off now. You have no respect
*click* .. she fucking hung up on me.
Then calls back at 8:30 and left a message saying .. "we're on our way back, you can call back if you want but your daughter doesn't want to go home with you tonight" .. ughhhh!

Soooo .. fast forward to Sunday. My grandpa calls to let me know Sierra was accepted into a magnet school in Richardson. I didn't let him know at that time that Sierra wouldn't be attending the Richardson district anymore but go to school in the district we live in. Well, Sierra spilled the beans to him Monday morning and he called me and instantly started yelling at me ..
Him: What is this baby talking about not going to the magnet school
Me: She doesn't live in that district and she will be going to school in Allen, I told you about that a while back. And she's already registered.
Him: You never said such thing .. is there any magnet schools in Allen.
Me: I'm not sure I'm going to be doing research on that today.
Him: Quit lying, you're not going to do shit, you don't care about your daughter's education.
Me: You have no right
*click* .. fucker hung up on me.

So that's it .. I've had enough. They're always pulling something .. it never fails, but enough's enough. I can't do this anymore. So I'm going to their house to pick her up in 20 minutes and letting them know they will not be picking her up at school or watching her anymore. I'll be picking her up from now on. I know I'm walking into a fight as soon as I get there and I HATE fighting with family, but I have no choice. They've already called my mom and bad mouthed me to her. My mom told them they needed to get over it before they never see Sierra again. At this point that's what it's looking like will happen and it's sad that they're the ones that have push me to make a decision like that ..

Anyway, I'm off to pick her up now .. I think I might throw up. email me to comment


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